Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Intentionality                                            

Charles Fillmore often used the phrase "seed thoughts" and wrote in  Jesus Christ Heals that  All things are in God as potentialities. I believe creative intentionality can be defined by weighing the difference between creative passion and technical perfection in musical performances.  When Michael Turner, one of our musicians, plays his sax, his whole body sings with the music.  By contrast, a pianist I once knew could perform beautifully on the baby grand piano at Unity Village.  His performance was technically perfect, but there was no corresponding passion uniting him with the music and none of us would have dreamed of approaching him.

The Parable of the Sower appears in Matthew 13:1-9;  the explanation of the parable appears in Matthew 13:18-23.   In this story, Jesus is demonstrating the creative power of the Word in action.  God is the sower and the seed represents the Word of God from the beginning.   Seed falling by the wayside lands in the heart of one who is inattentive to the Word and is quickly devoured.

The seed which falls upon the stony places is received with great joy and springs up with newness of spirit.  But lacking a foundation in the Word, at the first sign of trouble the plant withers and dies.  Many come seeking the Truth and put it on like a new hat which is proudly worn until blown away by the first contentious breeze.

The seed cast among the thorns is like a political debate where a divine idea is torn apart by personal agendas focused upon winning rather than growing in truth and in wisdom.  Even though there is a deep longing for the  Word, the life is choked out because there is no commitment to it.

The seed which falls upon the good ground is received into an open and receptive heart, one who hears the Word and understands.  Because this one chooses to live the Truth and bear fruit richly, his life is greatly prospered and no challenge shall overcome the abiding faith in the Word of God.

Howard Clinebell writes in Spiritually Empowered Wholeness that

Human growth is maximized through decision, action, and self-discipline.
Intentionality is using one's freedom and power, however limited or great these may be, to take responsibility for one's life.

Rev. Claudia Naylor